Monday, May 17, 2010

How to use webcam in fedora?

Cheese is a fun tool that lets you play around with your webcam. You can take photos, take multiple photos in burst, or you can take movies with it. You can also apply special effects. So for example - you can turn yourself into the Hulk. Or, you can trip out! There's a lot of different effects, and you can combine them all at same time which sometimes results in kind of an interesting picture. Every time you take a photo it ends up in a little bar along the bottom. All your photos are also stored in you home directory, in the Pictures > Webcam directory. So, there's always there, and you don't even have to open up Cheese to access them. You can right-click and open them right away or you can edit them up in the Gimp.

How to install cheese in my fedora machine?

Cheese is already installed when you install your OS. If you need to install it later then just type the following command in your terminal.

sudo yum -y install cheese


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