Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Benefits of using BCC field while sending emails

Almost all of us sends/receives numbers of emails per day. But only few people are aware of BCC and its advantages, while sending email. If you are still unaware of what is BCC then this is the right post to explore yourselves.

What is BCC?

BCC stands for Blind Carbon Copy. It helps us to send email address to multiple recipients. Normally we send multiple email by seperating with a comma or semi-colon in the TO, Cc or BCC field.

If you are using the TO field, the receiver is able to view the full information of recipient email address to which the email was send. In another word, the receiver can see whom else the email was sent.

If you are using the BCC field to send the multiple email then this option allows you to hide the recipients in email messages. In another word, the receiver will not be able to see the list of recipient email addresses. This could be a secure way to hide the list of recipients.

Why should you use BCC?

Privacy: BCC provides an easy and simple option for protecting the privacy of your recipients. Under many circumstances it is necessary for us send an email without letting the recipients know who else is receiving the same message. Also it is highly recommended that you use the BCC: while forwarding a joke or a funny email to a list of your friends. If you are sending email on behalf of a business or organization, it may be especially important to keep lists of clients, members, or associates confidential. So don’t forget to use BCC: in instances wherever privacy matters.

How to BCC an email message?

Most email clients provide the BCC: option under a few lines below the To: field. All you have to do is just enter the list of recipients in the BCC: field instead of entering in the To: field. You may enter only your own email address in the To: field. Once you do this just hit the Send button.

The moral is that you should use BCC: while sending bulk messages so as to protect the privacy of your recipients.

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